The Verdant Death

Silas turned…less then two feet away from him was a Chemi-Elf. He knew he had heard the motorcycle approach. However he was too intent on removing the boxes of bullets from the store shelves. Of course, he could have whistled to Sadie. She was probably dead though, as she should have already warned him.

Staring at the elf’s almond shaped eyes, Silas slowly moved his hand towards his machete. His H & K 45 was empty, useless. He used all the bullets on the Whip Bug. Even with all his breeding, he knew he’d never best elven reflexes.

A Mawlrat scuttled on the shelf above him, knocking over a jar. His moment came. Silas slashed with the machete. The elf grabbed Silas, pulling at his flak jacket. They grappled, smashing into shelves, sending rats scurrying. Silas pulled at the elf’s IAE-respirator. The Chemi-Elf pulled back….a wrong move on elf’s behalf.

The mask fell to the ground. The Chemi-Elf stopped, looking at the slow movement of the respirator as it fell to the dirt. He knew it was over. The thick, musty plant infused air moved into his unmasked esophagus.

At first it tasted fragrant, like spring. Then the long tendril coils of the first growth burst from his epiglottis. He choked and spewed blood. The elf ripped into his own mouth, trying to pull out the plant. No relief would come. He flailed and screamed, digging at his face.

Finally he fell, twitching on the ground. Out of his mouth snaked one small, thin vine and on the tip, a purple flower.1540x1000_15680____2d_illustration_fantasy_skull_flowers_picture_image_digital_art.jpg

The Green Plague

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