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The following Backgrounds are available

Feral Hermit or Outlander
Races : Kohu, Maqor, Anumus, Mogogol, Oakling, Xax ZIf, Bayou Halfling any Human sub-breed

A character with this type of background is truly wild. He probably grew up alone among the ruins, with no home or community, and with little or no technology. Such characters typically know nothing about the Ancients, the Green Plague, or anything beyond their immediate needs. Many such characters do not even know how to talk. Characters with this type of background generally have no concept of compassion or mercy, being concerned solely with survival.

Many of these characters would live, deep in the swamps of Joy Sea. Others would settle north, in the Winterlands (current upstate New York).

Some origin stories might be, the character would be someone who grew up alone after his parents died from disease. Another example would be a character from a more advanced community whose caravan was raided and destroyed when he was still a child. In both of these cases, the character was forced to grow up in a harsh world, unaware of his true origins or birthright, evidence of which might still exist somewhere in the rubble.

Additional Skill : Nature
Language: None
Special : Feral start with a bag of ointments. Contained within are five salves, potion or unguents to aid in surviving poison, disease or damage

TRIBALS Outlander, Criminal, Entertainer, Folk Hero, Sage or Soldier
Races : Chwepti, Jekovar, Kohu, Anumus, Mogogol, Clachdian, Homo Lecertus of Acccerlo

The tribal character comes from a primitive community, probably dominated by a central family figure or group of close-knit family heads. Technology in such a culture is generally limited to what a man can do with his bare hands (animal skins for clothes, stones as tools, etc.). Caves are the most likely shelters for this type of community, though some might possibly use burnt-out vehicles or some other “shell of the Ancients”. Warriors typically form the upper ranks of such a community, as they alone can protect it. The tribe would tend to frown upon pursuits not directly related to survival, seeing them as wasteful and capricious. Science and non-religious art would be considered worthless in such a group.

On the Black Road (the current Garden State Parkway and Turnpike) there were tribal groups who have formed “Car Fortresses” (cars moved to form a walled-city). Originally these were the nomadic homes of raiding groups. However, the Great Cities of the Prophets, Ark, Elizabeth and the Giant Land, they all extended their effort to eliminate these marauders. Now these tribes have settled down and become more traders.

An example of an eleven trade group is the Chwepti. They invade Joy Sea each summer. The Ikea gang move in settle along the Black Road

A character from this background might be someone whose tribe was destroyed by raiders and now seeks either revenge upon the murderers or knowledge of the marvelous world that exists “out there.” Alternatively the character may have left his tribe, to go on a quest (perhaps to find some legendary “magical” technology) whose successful completion will help to ensure the survival of her tribe.

Skills: Nature
Language: Unislang
Special: Tribal characters start with a free masterwork archaic weapon or mount.

RITUAL PRESERVATIONIST Acolyte, Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Folk Hero, Noble, Outlander, Sage, Sailor or Soldier
Races: Chwepti, Jekovar, Kohu, Anumus, Boggle, Entobian, Mogogol, Clachduin Dwarf, Bayou Halfling, all breed of man

Characters of this background come from communities who know how to use the technology of the Ancients but have lost the understanding of why that technology works. Advanced electronics and weapons, though still usable by the community, are viewed as religious relics or treasured artifacts and are sometimes even worshipped. Communities of this type are generally led by their scientists, who only barely manage to keep the technology running sufficiently to wow the masses. Technology that is destroyed cannot be replaced, as these people only know how to use the stuff, not repair or recreate it.

The Intrepid Knights are fine example of such a culture. They inhabit the aircraft carrier Intrepid. Obviously this boat does not move. It is caught in the sargassum weed that chokes New York harbor. Most of the planes on the deck are dilapidated and decommissioned. However, numerous boats and munitions have been gathered by the Knights and are used to enforce their control of the coastal area around the aircraft carrier.

Aluvial elves have formed a theocracy on the deck of the boat. They worship a mutant Kohu called Admiral Halsey. Their followers pay a tithe to the Holy Fleet. Most of these people reside in the hulls of the steel boats that clog New York harbor. Halsey’s palace is in the Statue of Liberty.

Another example of a ritual preservationist are the Scouts. These rangers follow The Manual (The Boy Scout Manual). They cross the land in a cobbled-together scout uniform, redressing wrongs in what he believes to be the spirit of these long-lost “warriors of virtue.” The Scout Master has been rumored to live in the midwest somewhere. As most of the uniforms are small, the Scouts hold halflings and gnomes in high regard, as they were clearly the rulers of the Scouts.

Additional Skills: religion
Language: Gutter Talk
Special: Ritual Preservationist characters start with one valuable Artifact of the Ancients

RESENTFUL Charlatan, Guild artisan, Sage, Soldier, Urchin
RACES: Chwepti, Kohu, Maqor, Anumus, Boggle, Entobian, Mogogol, Oakling, Xax, Zif, Kharu Dwarves, Bayou Halfling, all breeds of man

Characters of this background come from communities who despise the Ancients for their mistakes. They blame the Ancients for the destruction of the world and now seek to rebuild and preserve it by progressing only to a point they deem “natural.” They use hand-woven fabrics and natural weapons and tools. Such groups either shun pre-war technology and culture or actively strive to eradicate it.

Within The Island of Man with Hats On, Shadow People grab technology to be destroyed in the Infernal pits of Wall Street. No one knows what races of the Shadow People. However by and large they are Dravage (Druids who use nature to attack those who they feel threaten the natural world). The Shadow People’s turf has dense foliage, groomed and harvested to maximize its growth.

Bonus Skills: Perception
Language: Unislang
Special: Gain a symbiote of choice

RADICAL Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Sage, Soldier, Urchin
Races: Chwepti, Jakovar, Kohu, Maqor, Anumus, Kohu, Mogogol, Xax, Zif, Clachduin Dwarf, Bayou Halfling, all breeds of men

Like the Resentfuls mentioned above, communities of Radicals blame the Ancients for destroying the planet and creating mutations. They bitterly resent the destruction of civilization and actively seek to destroy all remnants of their forefathers. Unlike the Resentfuls, however, they may use the technology of the Ancients to further their own ends.

Two rival Tribal groups, The Macs and Russians, occupy 5th Avenue. The Macs live in the empty shell of Macys and the Russians occupy the Toys R Us flagship store. Continual wars and attacks occur between those two tribes, each levying for a greater control over the others territory.

Bonus Skills: Intimidation
Language: Unislang
Special: Gain one Archaic weapon

DEGENERATE Charlatan, Criminal, Folk Hero, Guild Artisan, Sage, Soldier, Urchin
Races : Kohu, Bayou Halfling and The races of man

Communities of this type were once—often within recent ancestral memory—capable of fully understanding the technology and culture of the Ancients. Now, however, due to circumstances such as constant war, civil unrest, or a communal need to focus on other aspects of survival, the community has degenerated. A Degenerate community is able to utilize the stuff of the Ancients, even their language and culture, but has lost all sense of context. Very few citizens remember much at all about where this technology and knowledge comes from. Such communities are generally on the decline, and will at some point likely break up or fall apart.

00026ays_530.jpgThe City of Lights (current Newark), is an example of such a culture. The Elders once ruled here. They controlled the power-plants, the water and the electricity. This made parts of the city light up, even at night. However, the local Chwepti, as well as some tribes from the nearby Black Road, continually attacked the City. The Elders then hired Malachi, a local charismatic youth who teamed with the Prophet, another young man who was gifted with an understanding of Ancient computer systems. Prophet restored the Newark Department or Protection Automated Surveillance System (NeD PASS or NeD for short). With NeD, Malachi used his personal gang of youths, called the Popo Pigs, to attack, run rampant and terrorize opponents of Malachi’s vision. Only the elderly members of the city (and their families) remember the laws and culture of the Ancients, while the delinquents mock their adherence to tradition and destroy all that they can.

Bonus Skills: Intimidation or Perception
Language: Gutter Talk
Special: Degenerate characters start with one valuable Artifact of the Ancients

VISIONARY REINVENTORS Charlatan, Entertainer, Folk Hero, Guild Artisan, Noble, Sage, Sailor, Soldier
Races: Kohu, Anumus, Boggle, Entobian, Mogogol, Xax, Zif, Nomenary Gnomes, Bayou Halfling, all races of Human

This type of community has moved beyond simply surviving or reassembling pieces of the old world. They are beginning to invent a new future for themselves. Instead of repairing the lost technology of the Ancients, these communities are beginning to create their own technology and build their own civilization. They are developing and using such things as basic metalworking, steam engines, and ingenious but simple devices to not only complement human effort, but also sometimes replace it (steam- powered machines to harvest large amounts of crops, for instance).

An example of such a community would be in the gas fields of Port Elizabeth, The gnomes that live here have developed steam engines and gas refining, to power many renovated and greatly modified engine and vehicles. These machines look nothing like their primitive forebears. Pumps lower the water and tillers chop up the algae. Rich rice patties are cultivated. Giant filters pump out the contaminated air to provide clean oxygen that is circulated into plastic sealed packing containers, the housing of this community. Steam cleaners blast hot air into gas masks, so that the air filter are reliable and of use for anyone who ventures out of the community. Increased oppression of the nearby communities by other groups has encouraged an influx of resources, with which the community has increased its ingenuity and invention by leaps and bounds.

Led by Allen Wrench, a gnome of huge intellect and great influence. He believes that the Fall was destined to occur. It taught the survivors some valuable lessons in self-reliance. Intent on rebuilding the world with this lesson in mind, he seeks to spread the word of brotherhood and peace.

Bonus Skills: Persausion
Language: Unislang
Special: Visionary Reinventor characters start with a valuable Artifact of the Ancients

Game Overview

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