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The Green Plague is an apocalyptic Savage Worlds setting, occurring in the New York, Hudson, Union and Essex counties. In the early spring of 2025, some inexplicable change in the rate of plant growth has resulted in a cataclysmic collapse of our society. Every institution, every building, every road and every waterway, all have been overwhelmed and decimated by an unrelenting advance of plant growth.

In fact this unending herbaceous growth has turned the air itself toxic. Without respirators, a man would choke within minutes, his airways clogged by fungus and plants.

This change in the envioronment has either resulted from or been encouraged by an increase in biological diversity. Many animals never before seen appear, most with special gills capable of extracting air from the pollen clogged atmosphere. Furthermore, many metahuman races became common.

Large organisms have difficulty supporting complex gill mechanisms. These animals either hold their breath, limit their metabolism or possess auxiliary breathing apparatus.

Some of the Metahumans that wander amongst these dilapidated buildings are the following:
1) Chemi-Elves (Fen elves, elves who hide in the Meadowland swamps)
2) Wechassiahn – (Half-Elves. Monastic combatants who formed a training academy in the remains of the Bronx Zoo)
3) Kosimmian (Ape men, powerful adversaries who though not plentiful, have a significant impact on civilized society)
4) Ma-Or (A race of elves who grow plant on their skin to provide camouflage and increased respiration)
5) Chimera (humans with animal heads)
6) Gremlins (swamp mystics whose origins are akin to homunculus)
7) Lediops (intelligent caterpillars who metamorph into larger winged moths)
8) Fozgog (frog people who form small communities of Punters that traverse the bogs)
9) Oakmen (plant-men, sentient treant like being, that have many communities of plants growing on them)
10) Xax (a strange creature, wandering philosophers with vertical eyes and a large mouth down the center of their forehead)
11) Zif (dispassionate spell casting race of snails)
12) The Painted Dwarves (tattooed dwarves who farm oysters and the fish the muddy flats of the Meadowlands)
13) The Khobel (Dwarves who famously convert ancient cars into mobile houses pulled by large yaks, and live a nomadic life across the meadowlands)
14) Gas Field Gnomes (inventors and tinkerers building vast machines from the rubble of society)
15) Lacertus (Humans who were selectively bred for strength and stamina)
16) Sophus (Humans bred for intelligence)
17) Accelero (Humans bred for speed) 470x800_8665_Latter_day_2d_character_soldier_post_apocalyptic_picture_image_digital_art.jpg</a>

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